About Raziel Ross

As a child growing up in Great Britain, I experienced prophetic dreams and clairvoyance. Thinking that what I saw was normal, I never discussed it with others until I was an adult. Then I discovered that what I experienced was a unique gift of intuition.Living in London, England, I sought advice from eminent psychics, I was encouraged by the spirit world to learn to meditate and develop my intuition, so that when the time was right, I would be able to help others.

I immigrated to Vancouver in 1975, where I met other British psychics associated with a Spiritualist Church, and there I continued to develop my psychic and healing abilities. I have lived in several different countries, and with local teachers and healers, have studied the spirituality of their own cultures. I have studied the modules of Healing Touch, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, and hold qualifications in counseling.

I conduct private consultations for an international list of clients who include folks from all walks of life - academics, authors, attorneys, broadcasters and television reporters, business leaders, CEOs, government officials, holistic healers, newspaper journalists, psychics, physicians, spiritual leaders, teachers,, and therapists. With a desire to assist others to develop their own intuitive abilities I facilitate workshops and regular group meetings that focus on building intuition, discovering lifes purpose, facing daily challenges, solving issues and creating healthier relationships. I have participated in radio programs from coast to coast, providing my expertise to audiences across the country. Most recently I was featured in The Calgary Herald and Daily Herald of Central Utah.

As well as being an intuitive and medium, I am an experienced meditation teacher. I lead workshops and classes in Kabbalah and Jewish Meditation Practices in educational institutions and synagogues. and have taught adults and high school students in the State of New York, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and in Vancouver. I am a certified Jewish Meditation Teacher having completed a three year course at Chochmat Halev, an Educational Meditation Institute in Berkeley CA.