Is this alleged entity, who claims to speak through the medium, really a spirit, or is it the voice of the medium’s subconscious?
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It is my intention and honour to share my gifts with you and
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Mediums most often relay messages from the other side through
the agency of a spirit control or spirit guide, an entity who
claims to have lived on Earth and acquired certain skills, knowledge,
and wisdom before its own physical death. The concept of a spirit guide
dates back to antiquity, and serious scholars and researchers have been
asking the same question for hundreds of years.

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Subject: Raziel channels global advisory in September 2007.

Doc Mackimmie comments “Right on, dead on target. thanks so much, love, Hermann”
Note: For what it’s worth: It seems to me Humankind has a choice to come together without catastrophe; the question is, are we willing to do it? 

Q: Are we looking at major crises globally in the next few years? What do we need to focus on? How to raise consciousness in peaceful, loving, laughing way? Are we to be concerned with this Council of Foreign Relations (world cabal intent on seizing power for their own ?)

A::  The roller coaster we’re already experiencing and that means (ecologically , earthquakes, etc) will continue for a set period. The Council of Foreign Relations will get very close to their ambition but it won’t be carried off. So fear is unnecessary. It may look like they’re very close to succeeding but in the long run it won’t happen. All empires in history have suffered a downfall. Remember the cycles of history have shown that no one stays in power for very long, whether it’s the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, or Gauls or whoever they don’t exist anymore.

When that power starts to diminish, and we’re already seeing that happening, and economically, yes, it will start to crumble it’s not anything to be frightened of.  like the people who committed suicide in the late 20s. This is a different time now. We know that there is an inequality. There is a lack of balance. There are people who think they are controlling the global economics; that will start to crumble. It isn’t just across the border the (global) balloon will burst because it is an unnatural balloon that’s been created and artificially inflated. It wasn’t created naturally; it’s a manufactured balloon, to create growth and a strong economy. So because it’s false, the air will start to leak out of that balloon and it will come down and reach a natural balance.  Thirty, twenty years ago, people would make 10% profit on a stock or a deal or sale of a house, and they were very happy with that. Now people are greedier: they want 100%
150%.  200% profit. That’s the balloon. So ultimately, we repeat, when the air starts leaking out of that balloon it will come down to more realistic expectations, it (the economy) will level out.

For Nature has to level out, but also it will be a prelude to be a new era of awareness, with a sense of fairness, where everyone will share the profit. Rather than the imbalance now where approximately 2% of the business population owns 80% of the profits and 80% of the population own only 20% .This economic balloon very much includes world stock markets, which have been inflated unnaturally. There will be a leveling, and not to worry; because that will be an entry to a new way of thinking; and, as the youngest generation get older they will have a sense of responsibility that perhaps the generations before them have not felt. (Not selfish)

Based on caring. Much more equality, fairness. There won’t be extremes like we are facing now. Okay we’ve got this subculture outside on the street people Society has put them there, in the streets.  It’s not fair.

There will be a different consideration toward fellow man. That’s why the word “fairness” has to be in place and anything that doesn’t include that criteria will crumble. So that’s what you need to know. Does that reassure you?

A North American Union is being set up but again, it’s false, There’s not going to be the opportunity that the media has told us. It’s another lie. That’s why those protesters were being quietened and repulsed; a lot of people are refusing to have the wool pulled over their eyes. (Referring to the recent meeting in Ontario of the heads of Canada. US and Mexican governments)

That’s Okay. There is a natural energy to what’s happening, that somehow the history we’re living through has its own flow of energy that will take us to the right place eventually. So yes, it is important for people to have a social conscience and be concerned because that energy carries us forward carries the rest of us forward to where we have to be. But if you understand the children we are bringing into this world now, will be the future leaders, they will have a completely different interpretation of what leadership means. It won’t be somebody who takes advantage of their position; it will be more like somebody who is behind their community and helping them to move in the right direction. You know how when you see a flock of birds, migrating, and all of a sudden they’ll turn, and the whole flock turns, and you wonder, why are they going in that direction? They’re supposed to be going south.  You have to trust their instincts, And the pattern we’ll see happening and the direction we are going we will have to trust the process, because the imbalance cannot continue to prevail. There has to be a balancing of that energy in the world. So many people are being repressed, deprived of a livelihood, and any sort of lifestyle and they’re really scrambling to exist. do you understand?  There’s an enormous imbalance and that has to be righted. People have to be helped to live and to be come self-sustaining. No point in sending (third world) commodities they can’t use, because its inappropriate food and commodities. Food and commodities that happened to be hanging around the warehouses somewhere, so they are distributed under the guise of „loving kindness. It’s a falsehood. So what really needs to happen is people have to help „ others to become self-sustainable? That’s when the balance will start to shift and correct itself. You see, when there’s a disaster, people come together and work together. They cooperate to move the rubble when there’s an earthquake because the governments aren’t kicking in so it’s the people who have to work together to help themselves. Do you understand?

So, all of that will have to right itself so ultimately people will stop voting for the same type of government. They WILL see through it even though it’s taking time and looks like it will never happen. It WILL happen, because that’s the natural progression of this universe.  It’s living its own history. The history has already been written. The scripts are already there. So we are simply following the script of the universe.

To live / think positively is extremely important. That it will work out, that people will live so that the commodities of the world are shared. Do you understand? In that it is a necessary part of the balance.

Fear and denial: Some people will say there’s no conspiracy, don‚t be silly. That can’t be happening in our time. We’re much more aware, especially after something like the Holocaust has happened. People think that they’re much more aware; unfortunately they are often just as blind as the people were in that era too, only they are blind to different things.  So When you are being prompted to think positively, that’s the way through this. Fear will bring other complications.

Also, fear is a way to keep people controlled and not think for themselves, which is what the intention is to keep people in fear then they’ll look to somebody higher than themselves, like governments, to protect them, and so that way they give their power over to governments who are insincere. So until there are more people who have opened to the possibility that there is a major conspiracy going on, they will maintain that blindness. Do you understand? But that is society. There will always be people who are visionaries, who are thinking ahead and there will always be people who are willing to follow like sheep. And there will always be people who will look to the rabble rousers as they are called, as precisely that, that they’re just shit stirrers and there will always be groups, factions in society that will always see the world differently, that’s what we’ve been given: Freewill, free choice. To deny people their opinions, is really to live under a dictatorship where everybody has to think the same way. Just because we think that the way we see the world is the right way and we want to make everybody hold the same view, we really are living under a dictatorship, all be it in the opposite way. That can be just as tyrannical, encouraging people to participate in war.

This conversation should go on but it really would be better if there were more people hearing this. The trouble is bringing like-minded people and who are already convinced, but that’s OK, perhaps it would validate what they’re thinking privately and bring it out into the open.

How we think is often influenced by what we eat. If we’re eating contaminated food it will also contaminate our thoughts and how we act in the world. Not to say everybody has to have 100% pure foods Previously, we were talking about controlling the masses, well another way to control as well as through fear, is to have them addicted to sugar. That’s why it’s included in so many foods that don’t require sugar. It is an addiction and as soon as someone is addicted, they aren’t thinking clearly anymore, whether it’s an addiction to alcohol or tobacco or sugar or to having everything precisely in the same place, or even a compulsion to maintain status quo But the intake of impure food does have an impact on the balance of one’s body and if the body is out of balance, then everything will be off centre, including how one looks at the world, and our opinions and belief system, will also be off.

When people are healthy and balanced, then you will have a balanced view of the world, an objective view of the world, whereas if you’re addicted to something you’re going to have a subjective view of the world .

Therefore people will be subjective and think selfishly and not have the sense of responsibility toward the community because governments want to maintain that control. When people start to want to revert their communities to how they have been at other previous times on this earth, then governments will lose control.  Individuals will want to run their own communities in a fair way. So do you see how the hierarchy will begin to crumble. they will start to lose strength. People will be looking away from them in distrust; they won’t be voting for governments like that anymore: they’ll want a different type of government. They’ll want to self-govern, which will strengthen community because everybody will be responsible for themselves, but at the same time responsible for their entire community. .Do you understand?

So if you are concerned how the healing is going to take place, watch how that crumbling of trust; and the lack of faith in government will progress.
And you will see people building community and helping one another. Think about strata councils. They’re already looking after their own jointly owned property. If you could take that one step further, lets say multi-level aid groups, people being responsible to take the .elderly to doctors‚ appointments or you know, somebody else taking the kids to school.

(comment: That’s the goal of such organizations as Conscious Planet.)

So yes, think about that. Take strata councils one-step further. Take office buildings one-step further. Responsibility for having daycare in every company, which enables both parents to work in the building where children are playing on another floor. (Kibbutzim in Israel, or as in Sweden)

Taking it one step further, having boards that are self-elected rather than having directors who take an enormous part of the profit, and are m ore or less self-appointed.  That whole issue is going to shift beyond our recognition, thank G-d, and besides which it is beyond our imagination. When it looks as if we’re shifting, and moving towards the Brave New World( Aldus Huxley), And It looks like we’re shifting toward Animal Farm (George Orwell). But you’ll see, we have a choice. We have a choice to move in that positive direction, and a choice to make something better for ourselves. As long as we have that free choice and that free will to make balanced decisions, then we will have healthy people; and therefore we’ll have healthy community. And that will impact the next generation, because children will feel safe. You see, when you give people what they need, and that includes food and shelter, and love and stability, then drugs won’t be the necessary comfort blankets. We’re stilling and covering up our spirituality with drugs and alcohol. Other false gods, won’t be necessary: they won’t have their false values anymore, so then the black markets will fade away.
It’s like a cleansing, but it’s not a cleansing like Noah experienced, the whole earth being flooded; it’s a gradual, loving flow of change.

Q: Is there a time line?

A: There is sort of a quasi timeline, mainly because the wave of dissatisfaction amongst a lot of people is already developing; with dissatisfaction of the unfairness of society; the corruption that we’ve closed our eyes to. So that will fade away and what I’m being shown is that we will see a major shift between 20 and 25 years from now. So that would be at that point anybody who is around will recognize the shift.  The prelude to that shift will be some world chaos; whether it’s more earthquakes underneath the oceans, some movements in the plates that will create chaos. But be reassured when that happens; We’re already experiencing people and communities coming together in these sorts of crises.  And that will give people an experience of what it’s like for community to pull together and that they will want to continue to have that experience in peacetime as well as in crisis.

Do you understand?
So these world situations will actually be a teaching for people so that it will open them up to a new awareness. So around 2025 there will be a settling of the physical universe; there will be a calming that will take place all over the universe and whatever exists, particularly on this planet, there will be a calming. This planet is not due to explode or implode: ultimately what will happen is that when people/ the civilizations that occupy the planet will no longer need it; at that point the planet and those people will move into a different dimension. But it’s not going to explode underneath us. That thought is just creating more fear, so don’t buy into that.
Yes, there will possibly be a shortage of food and fresh water, all those things will happen, just like the passages we talked of before.
Just like the human spirit is embodied, and then discarded at the end of the earth life, however, the spirit continues to exist in another dimension. It’s a natural evolution of life and at some point that evolution will move into a different dimension and that might mean this school ground that we’ve created here can go.

So when we talked about 20-25 years ahead of us, don‚t be disappointed that you might miss it because even if you’re not in your body you will be aware of what’s going on here. Unless you choose to exit the universe entirely. You could do that as well. But because you’re personally interested in seeing the consequences, and the changes, so what will happen is that you will remain close by to this place called Earth. So not to feel disappointed or worried that you might not be here physically because you‚ll be here in one form or the other.